June 21


Taken from the CGC Pinside post :

Very pleased on how things are progressing here at CGC. I would like to think that soon we’ll all start to see a whole bunch of “Unboxing” posts for AFMR. Many of these games are getting or soon will be shipped.
• There was a slight hold on shipping last week as we were putting the last few edits to the AFMR Owner’s Manual. Soon I hope to be posting the manual on the CGC website for all to review in advance. The manuals are now being mass produced by our printer and quantities are showing up at our facility.
• As per request of our customer, we will no longer be packing the leg bolts in the cashbox as Williams and Bally did back in the day. The leg bolts will now be found fully screwed in to the cabinet. As you unpack the game, simply unscrew the bolts and attach the legs with the same bolts.
• We also believe we have the best pallet in the industry. The size has been increased and built to be a lot stronger, this should greatly reduce the possibility of freight damage. This pallet will be used for all shipments with the exception of ocean going containers, where no pallet is used at all.
• Please Follow us on Facebook, where I will be posting more videos and pictures. I think you will like the box loading video I just added. When I come up for air, I’ll add more.https://www.facebook.com/chicagogamingcompany/

A lot of time is being spent on the details. Although nothing is perfect, we really are trying to achieve it. We are grateful for your excitement around what we are doing at CGC and will have more information to share in the near future.


Doug Skor

Pictures from the post :
Thanks to Joe Newhart from PinballStar Amusements for posting the pictures of the assembly line and the CGC company.