June 02


Big Lebowski New Shit

Here is our weekly update about the latest developments of the production of The Big Lebowski™ Pinball.

In our newsletter of two weeks ago we informed you that Nivoge (the holding that owns our contract manufacturer ARA) had demanded 51% of the shares in Dutch Pinball BV. Since then we received a lot of advice and talked to a lot of people about Nivoge’s offer. We will share some of them with you.

Basically there are two groups:

  1. Early achievers who want their TBL asap.
  2. Early achievers who want their TBL asap and would like DP to build more pins in the future.

Group 1 advised us to accept EVERYTHING just to get their TBL (please note that this decision may be based on lack of knowledge on the conditions we would have to deal with).

Group 2 pointed out a lot of risks when we would give away the majority of our shares. Here are a few remarks that we received:

  • Nivoge would then be able to change all the existing contracts in the favor of Nivoge and ARA
  • DP has a contract with ARA and not with Nivoge. In fact, DP has no relation with Nivoge. Why drag in a third company to make things more complicated?
  • When we own only 49% of the shares in Dutch Pinball we would not be able to start a legal procedure against ARA (if DP would start a legal procedure against ARA for breach of contract, the odds that a judge will rule in favor of DP is very likely!)
  • There’s a big uncertainty about future pinball projects when being owned by Nivoge as pinball is not the core business of Nivoge and ARA
  • When giving Nivoge 51% of the shares we would ‘reward’ ARA’s poor performance and breach of contract. Beside that this doesn’t feel right, there also no guarantees that ARA will restart building TBL and release the games that have been held hostage for the past months
  • Can we trust ARA and Nivoge? ARA proved over and over again that they don’t care much about contracts and promises…

There are more remarks but these are the major ones that will get you an idea about the downsides of the suggested deal.

Group 1 is very small (2 or 3 achievers). Most of you want DP to be in business for the long term and we also want this. Therefore we decided to turn down the offer of Nivoge as we feel there are way too many risks connected to it.

We received no reaction het from Nivoge or ARA yet and we therefore will also look for an alternative manufacturer to build TBLs. We already talked to VDL about it and will look for others as well. As soon as we have more news we will let you know.

We hope that you appreciate this update and want to thank you again for your massive support. It really is great to see that the majority of you guys keep supporting us. We will get you your TBL!

We will send out another update next week.

Kind regards,

Barry & Jaap