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This post is written about all the games that are the newest to date or unveiled for the first time at the 2017 Texas Pinball Festival. The event was held the weekend of 3/24 – 26 /2017.  I will not be writing about the Texas pinball show since the organizers feel that my site is not worthy or up to par with some of the other pinball sites on the net today as per an email I received from them. I feel if the organizers have negativity towards my website and social media accounts, then I will not promote the show in any way good or bad.  But I will showcase some of the games that were at the show.

Pinball Supernova’s Video Of Games At The Show :

Alien Pinball : Heighway Pinball

I got to play a bunch of new games at the show.  Let’s start with Alien Pinball by Heighway Pinball.  The game looks great and the shots are gratifying.  The play field and display screen in the back box really tie the look and theme of the game together.  The sound system in the machine is spectacular as well. The plastics and mods on the play field look great and really add to the Alien theme. Lines for this game were 10 people deep all weekend long.  Heighway Pinball had three games at the show, two functioning all weekend and one not so much.  A really great effort for Heighway Pinball’s second pinball release.

Heighway Pinball Website :

The Jetsons : Spooky Pinball

The Jetsons pinball machine was on display to be played by enthusiasts at the show.  This game was designed by Spooky Pinball and sold by The Pinball Company.  Unfortunately this game left me a bit cold.  The shots to me were not that fantastic and the color display was very blurry and unclear.  The price on this machine is close to $6,000.00 which I feel is a lot of money compared to a Stern Pro which can be had close to the same price.  The artwork on the play field and side cabinets looks great.  If you love the Jetsons and are a collector, then this is the game for you.  If you are just a pinball player and not an avid Jetsons fan, then you may want to wait and see if the new Spooky Pinball title Alice Cooper pinball tugs at your wallet.

Spooky Pinball Website :


Wizard Blocks – Home Brew

Wow, I got to see the Wizard Blocks project that has been posted on Pinside by Compy, the creator of the game.  The game is still in the process of being updated and tweaked, but so far the game plays and looks great.  Compy told me all about his passion for pinball and how he got into building the next Pinball 2000 game on the line created by Pat Lawlor before Williams shut down the company.  My friend and I played the game for about 30 mins and everything that was on the original is being built to spec including the  rotating lights, locking ramps,  and video back ground display.  Fantastic job so far and I thank Compy for speaking with me for about 45 mins about his history in the field and about some of the pinball creations he is involved with.

Pinside Post :


Attack From Mars Remake : Chicago Gaming

Chicago Gaming had its newest remake at the show, Attack From Mars.  When I saw the announcement of the game, I didn’t think much since I already own one.  After playing it, I think very differently.  The game plays solid and has many more enhancements than the original.  The larger DMD takes up much more of the back box than the original and looks great in color. The display animations are high def and colorized on the LE and Premium.  The sound is much more enhanced than the original making the music and effects vibrate the cabinet while playing.  I highly recommend going out and playing this game.  You will not be disappointed.

Chicago Gaming Website:

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Houdini : American Pinball

American Pinball brought its newly redesigned game showing it off to the world.  The game looks and plays great.  The artwork is spectacular and really represents the magic theme under the glass. If you are a Houdini or magic buff, then this is the game for you.  The mods, DMD, sound, and game play are top notch.  The lock ball has a similar feature to Stern’s Aerosmith where the ball is launched in mid air landing into a magic trunk.  My friends and I found the game fun to play and also a bit challenging.  The sound system is loud and very clear.  With a few minor improvements, this game will be a hit.  Really nice to see American Pinball going back to the drawing board and having Joe Balcer (The Hobbit, The Simpson’s Pinball Party, and Wizard of Oz designer) redesign the play field for a better playing pinball machine.

American Pinball Website:

Dialed In : Jersey Jack Pinball

When Jersey Jack revealed Pat Lawlor’s new game, I didn’t think much of it.  The name was a bit corny as was the theme.  The game play on the stream from Expo during the unveiling did not represent the game or any of its implemented features at the time.  While watching the stream, I laughed and was a bit happy that this game did not relate to me.  I really wanted to not like the game.  After playing Dialed In, my opinion has changed.  The game is so Pat Lawlor because of the layout and shots designed into the play field.  The technology with the display screens, lighting, AV, back glass, selfie shots, etc is awesome.  I played this game multiple times after standing on line of 10 people deep each time.  Every time playing this game, I discovered a new shot or target that was not clear before.  The game to me plays like a Williams Bally classic with the modern day enhancements.  Great third release from Jersey Jack Pinball.

Jersey Jack Website :

Zombie League All Stars – All Star Baseball : Gizmo Games

A new company released two pitch and bat games.  Gizmo Games headed by former Williams Bally designer Dennis Nordman showed off Zombie League All Stars and All Star Baseball pitch and bat games.  The games looked great especially the Zombie League flavor.  The artwork for that game was designed by Zombie Yeti, the artist behind Ghost Busters pinball from Stern. Both games also have the classic runner in the back glass that actually runs the bases when scoring a run or hit.  The game is priced around $5000.00.  A little high for my taste, but if you want a pitch and bat game, then this is the one for you.

Gizmo Website:


Doom Pinball : Home Brew

Another home brew game made an appearance at the show.  Doom the pinball machine was on display for people to view and play.  The game looked great and played really well.  The one flipper was a bit weak to get the ball up the ramp but otherwise the game was fun.  Takes a lot of talent to design and implement the ideas into a home brew game. Congrats to all the pinball enthusiasts out there who have the talent to build these game and show them off to the public.

Pinside Post :

Bride of Pinbot 25th Anniversary : Dutch Pinball

Dutch Pinball announced its second pinball machine at the show.  Bride of Pinbot 25th Anniversary is a re-theme from the old Williams classic manufactured in 1991. Dutch Pinball held a seminar at the show talking about the game including pricing and features.  A newly redesigned play field with technology from its 2.0 kit that is being sold today. The 2.0 kit updates the older Bride of Pinbot machines in the wild with slick color dmd animations and a better sound system.  I have to say the price on the machine is pretty steep coming in at close to $13,000.

Dutch Pinball Website :