March 27


Bride of Pinbot 25th Anniversary :

While attending the Dutch Pinball seminar this weekend, the company unveiled a new pinball machine called Bride of Pinbot 25th Anniversary. Jaap, co owner of Dutch Pinball talked to the crowd on a variety of things including information on its upcoming pinball machine.  Jaap talked about the game as well as showing pics, vids, specs and also pricing of the game.  The game is based on the Bride of Pinbot 2.0 kit with a newly designed play field, DMD, and plastics.  Also Jaap spoke about the price.  Get ready, close to $13,000 for the game.  WOW.  If you haven’t received your Big Lebowski are you going to give another $13,000 to a company that hasn’t come through on its first title?  You can be the judge of that.


Big Lebowski News :

Also at the same seminar, Jaap started the talk with some updated news about The Big Lebowski.  Turns out as everyone has heard, the games are being held by the company constructing the games for Dutch Pinball, ARA.  ARA is claiming that Dutch Pinball owes them money because of possible changes that were made during production raising the price on the labor and production costs.  Jaap and Dutch Pinball initially said that the games were being delayed to owners because of bad board sets and complications getting them built.  Jaap addressed that statement during the session and said it was a huge mistake lying to the public.  He also said that the truth should have been told right from the beginning when the issues started happening.  He also addressed an issue that someone said to him that Dutch Pinball should have better communication with the public and the people who are waiting for the pinball machine.  Jaap’s response to this was that if nothing has changed with status of the games, why should Dutch Pinball reach out?  Personally I’m not in on The Big Lebowski but I do know people who are.  If this was me and I sent Dutch Pinball $8000-$9000 of my money, I would want to know the status of my game every day.  During the seminar, Jaap or Dutch Pinball did not apologize or say anything to ease the tension of the many people still waiting for the game.  What Jaap did accomplish was to talk about his book that he wrote a number of times dealing with life and how you should be happy not letting the negative things affect you.  After the Lebowski conversation was over, Dutch Pinball introduced a new re-themed game Bride of Pinbot for $13,000.  I personally would not give Dutch Pinball $20 at this time knowing that they have not come through with the first game they are trying to release. Also, the working Bride of Pinbot prototype play field for the new title is being held by ARA. If this issue isn’t corrected shortly, I guess Dutch Pinball will have to recreate a new prototype?   Whatever happened between Dutch and ARA is between the two companies.  Dutch Pinball took the money in full from people and guaranteed them a machine. It’s Dutch Pinball’s problem to fix this issue and get the games to its respective owners. Dutch Pinball also said that the lawyers have stated this issue could take up to five years to resolve.  I feel the news did not ease any of the tension in the room especially for Lebowski owners. But at the end of the seminar, everyone clapped for Jaap. A bit strange. I was not one of the people in the audience clapping.

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