March 16


Finally pics have been released of the upcoming pinball machine Attack From Mars Remake.  This is a follow up to the most recent remake Medieval Madness.  Rick from Planetary Pinball said weeks ago that the game was coming and that pics were already released on the Internet.  Today, Fun Pinball released pics of the game and have given a description of the different versions that will be available.  Whoever thought the choice of using green for the rails on an Attack From Mars may want to reconsider the choice. Green was even questionable for Ghost Busters, does not fit the AFM theme.  Thank you for releasing Attack From Mars Remake, since my original Williams Medieval Madness has gone down in price, now my Attack From Mars can follow. Cmon Monster Bash, I hope it will be a trifecta in the loss department.

Game will be available in three distinct models:
– Classic Edition: Faithful to the original. Standard sized LCD Green Display, can be upgraded to Color Display for additional fee. All LED lighting throughout machine. Enhanced sound system. Stainless steel cabinet trim.
Shaker motor can be added at additional cost.
Includes 6 month electronics warranty & 3 month mechanical warranty.

– Special Edition: Extra Large LCD Color Display, Metallic Saucers, Tri-color LED on main saucer, stainless steel cabinet trim. Multicolored backbox speakers. Shaker Motor included.
Includes 12 month electronics warranty & 6 month mechanical warranty

– Limited Edition (500 units)
Extra Large LCD Color Display, Metallic Saucers, Tri-color LEDs on all saucers, Martian Green cabinet trim. Cabinet mirror blades. Multicolored backbox speakers. Shaker Motor included. Custom designed Interactive mechanical Martian topper designed by Doug Watson. Martian moves up and down. His eyes light up and multicolored Leds around topper.
Includes 24 month electronics warranty & 12 month mechanical warranty.

Pricing will be announced within the next week.
No deposits are to be taken at this time as Distributors do not know what their allocations will be for the LE Model. But you are encouraged to contact your local distributor if you are “interested” in purchasing one of these models. $1,000 deposit required to reserve a Limited Edition.

LE Model :

Special Edition and Classic :

Topper :