March 16



This update contains new sounds, new animations, bug fixes and rule changes.

Please note updated install instructions in the Read Me file!

Installation notice: This code release is in zip format. The code download will need to be unzipped before installing on a USB stick.

Aerosmith Pro:

Aerosmith Premium:

Aerosmith LE:

V1.02.0 – March 14, 2017

– added speech/sounds to double scoring start.
– added an adjustment to save progress during Elevator Multiball, default is ON.
– right eject now holds the ball for the Toys in the Attic Multiball double super jackpot award.
– added increase pop bumper value to mystery award.
– fixed a bug where mystery was awarding super scoring but displaying double scoring as the award.
– increase spinner value as a mystery award was not working correctly, this has been fixed.
– added audits for mystery awards (spinner, pop bumpers).
– fixed/added speech and sound f/x to Toys in the Attic Multiball awards.
– added new display effects to Toys in the Attic Multiball.
– Super mode background display effects were showing score values without commas, this has been fixed.
– Add new VIP advance, lit, award sound f/x.