March 14


Super Nova Title

I went to my friend Julius’s house to help him fix a pinball machine months ago.  While in his basement and walking around, he showed me this playfield he received from a person who bought one of his games from him.  Julius said to me that he thought it would be appropriate giving me the playfield because the name of the game that the playfield came from was called Super Nova.  The game Super Nova is a pinball machine created by Game Plan from 1980.  The playfield needed a good cleaning and a lot of touching up.  It also had nothing attached to it that you would expect on a pinball playfield including plastics, lights, rails, flippers, and mechs.

I thought the playfield would make a great ornamental piece to hang in my game room so I happily took it. I thought how coincidental it was that Julius would get a playfield from a game that matched the name of my pinball brand.  Before this I have never heard of this game before seeing the playfield for the first time.

After cleaning the playfield and removing the wiring harness from the back I touched up the play field with marker and acrylic paints.  Next I clear coated the play field with spray lacquer applying several coats.  Everything was turning out great.  My next hurdle was finding playfield plastics.  While searching Facebook I came across a post from a person who just refurbished a Super Nova pinball machine.  I commented on how great the game looked and how I was looking for plastics for my playfield.  To my surprise, the person who refurbished the game, Scott wrote back and said he had the old plastics to the game because he bought a brand new set to install.  Scott told me he would sell me the old set of plastics for my playfield.  I happily agreed on the price he wanted and received the set in the mail.

Months ago, I bought a LedSeq LEDed to install on the playfield.  I watched the LedSeq LEDed tutorial online and installed the board and led lighting to the back of my playfield. Programming the LEDed is easy and the product works fabulous.  After installing the LEDed, I then installed the plastics and posts that I purchased.  After installing the plastics, I clear coated the play field again and also the plastics I received from Scott.

The playfield looks great and everything came together perfectly.  Thanks to Julius for giving me the playfield and also Scott for selling me the plastics.  I couldn’t have done the project without the both of them.

Video Of Game Plan Supernova Playfield :

LEDed Link :

LEDed Tutorial :

Before Plastics and Lighting Install :


Plastics Installed :


LED Lighting :



Back of Play Field :