March 11



Pinball posted an article on its website and also a  game play video on the Internet last week about the newly released Magic Girl pinball machine.

Video :

We get our hands on one of the few Magic Girl games ever made and put it through its paces for our In-Depth Review. As part of that, here’s nine minutes of gameplay footage we shot, giving you a feel of the shots, the sounds, the lights and the rules of this most controversial pinball.

Pinball News Article :

It was just under two years ago that we brought you our exclusive report on the prototype Magic Girl game from Zidware when it was brought to the NW Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma, Washington.

An awful lot has happened in the time since then. A rescue plan to get the game made came and went, legal action was started in an attempt to recover the funds for buyers of Magic Girl, Retro Atomic Zombieland Adventure and Alice in Wonderland, and Zidware seemed destined for bankruptcy, either voluntary or involuntary.

That legal action is still ongoing, but in the third quarter of 2016, a new company – American Pinball – announced that they would be building Magic Girl as contract manufacturers for Zidware.

Incredulity turned to mere scepticism as pictures of cabinets appeared. Pinball News toured the American Pinball facility and saw how the playfields were indeed being put together on a small production line.

The 25 Magic Girl games were promised for pre-Christmas 2016 delivery, but that deadline was missed. However, John Popadiuk from Zidware contacted buyers to say delivery of their games would begin in March 2017.

Although the release of machines has been patchy, a few have been either delivered or collected.

Pinball News got our hands on one of them to pull it apart and see how much of a game has been delivered.

Our customary In-Depth Review of Magic Girl is coming, but these reviews take a long time to write and process all the pictures – we have more than a thousand pictures to work through! We also have a number of pinball shows over the next few weekends, and each of those need detailed reports.

But we understand that interest in these games is high, so we are bringing you a First Look review, where we give you a sneak-peek at the game, from the cabinet artwork to the playfield.

Naturally all our pictures are also available in high-resolution if you want to explore the details further and we have added a ten minute video of Magic Girl gameplay.

The granular detail will come in our full In-Depth Review, but in the meantime, we present our first look at Magic Girl from Zidware.

Zidware's Magic Girl
Zidware’s Magic Girl Click to expand

Magic Girl is a standard-width game, but not much else is standard. For a start, the playfield is longer than normal, and the playfield glass is also around 10cm (4 inches) longer than regular pinball glass – something which makes getting non-glare glass something of a problem.

The cabinet and backbox designs are also custom. The backbox has angled bottom edges and bespoke hinges, while the cabinet is an unusual shape – much less tall at the front and much deeper at the back.

The Magic Girl translite
The Magic Girl translite Click to expand

The score display is at the back of the playfield like Cirqus Voltaire, allowing the translite artwork to cover the whole backbox front with the minor exception of the backbox speaker mountings.

The reverse of the Magic Girl translite
The reverse of the Magic Girl translite Click to expand

The translite art is fantastically-detailed, with intense colours and rich purple hues dominating. This design really sets the scene for what we will find on the playfield a little later.

The cabinet art is somewhat different – equally interesting but using a different colour-set and exploring different aspects of the theme.

Read the Entire Article Here About Magic Girl:

Thanks to Martin of Pinball for the article, pictures, and game play video.