February 17






V0.69.0 – February 16, 2017

– Added shaker motor effects.
– Cleaned up villain super jackpot award display effects (text, speed up).
– Added display effect and sounds for extra ball.
– Added display effect and sounds for extra ball lit.
– Fixed a bug in the batphone hurry-up where stacking the 4th villain
would not lock in the 4th villain; the 4th villain would continually
allow the batphone hurry-up to be restarted.
– Restart batphone hurry-up award from mystery now given every other time.
– Pop bumper target increases the pop bumper values.
– Implemented new versioning scheme.
– Added turntable magnet to villain vision shots to the turntable during
main multiball.
– Changed the names of the TV target targets and lamps.
– Stop penguin skill shot on certain playfield switches.
– Rework text bubbles for skill shot.
– Cleaned up control gate issues. Added open control gate for combos and
for batphone hurry-up.
– Extra ball now awarded on the left loop switch as well as the top eject.
– Added batphone hurry-up champion.
– Fixed an issue with the node start-up code that would fail to detect
the Villain Vision (TV) node on certain games. The node start-up code
would continually reset the node bus, and after 5 tries, give up.
Shortly after giving up, the TV node would come on-line. This has been
– Major villain mode scoring now based on:
a) Number of times all villains have been captured
b) Batphone hurry-up score
c) Number of villain shots made.
– Major villain advance was not being initialized correctly (villains
would not require more shots after they had been completed). This has
been fixed.
– Added restart batphone hurry-up award to mystery.