February 01



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January 2017

“Book ‘em Danno” – it’s the big ‘Five-O’ show!

There’s so much crammed into this month’s episode that we had to loosen the belt a bit and put on the stretchy pants, because I think we’ve hit an all-time high score when it comes to show length, commutes and long-distance runs…. seriously.

We muse about the happenings of the month (of which there are many), delve into Whitney’s hatred for all things clown (die Ziggy, die) and discuss some local parties, trade bait and flip candidates, bad arcade handhelds, some Sky Skipper updates and a long-overdue new father-daughter project, as well.

We then move on into some catch-up tech and restoration topics around Ghostbusters pinball, the K700 and we revisit the ROM burner station topic we originally started back in ep. 39 (sheesh… we are slackers) – AND – we spend over $1000 of Brent’s money this month on some KILLER arcade mods.  The best presents really are for yourself!

Adding to all of that nonsense, we have the folks from ArcadeRX join us for an overview of the 2017 Louisville Arcade Expo and we feature our panel discussion from the 2016 Grand Ole’ Gameroom Expo with friends Adam & JP from the Adam & JP Show along with Patrick Wall from the Gameroom Junkies podcast.

Add in tons of feedback, some serious trolling by Nick Baldridge and a ghost-track review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and I’m not sure there’s any more room left on the Internet!

Here’s how the show timings break down:

  • Start – 02:15 – Pre-episode ‘blather’
  • 02:15 – 1:24 – Monthly Updates and goings on
  • 1:24 – 2:59 – Tech & Spend Brent’s Money
  • 2:59 – 4:01 – Grand ‘Ole Gameroom Expo Panel Discussion – “Gaming predictions for 2017 and beyond”
  • 4:01 – 4:53 – Let’s talk Louisville Arcade Expo 2017
  • 4:53 – 5:34 – News & Feedback
  • 5:34 – 5:36 – Outtakes and stuff
  • 5:36 – 6:28 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story review
  • 6:28 – next month – Brent Kasem causes Whitney to quit the show