February 01



NEW CODE – Batman Pinball V 0.68 is now live! For complete details of the changes and updates see the READ ME file included with the download.

SUPER LE – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-batman-super-le

LE – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-batman-le

PREMIUM – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-batman-premium

– Added backgrounds for Mad Hatter and Egghead.
– Timers were not being paused when the minor villain select screen was
running. This has been corrected.
– Removed AUTO default setting for the villain extra ball (the default
is now 2 villains).
– Added display effect, sounds, and speech for main multiball super
– Reworked the multiball rule:
– All shots lit (green).
– Shot scores go up 50k a shot.
– After 15 shots (adjustable), super jackpot lit at the atomic pile
(the turntable moves to the batcave position when lit).
– Main multiball was not computing the scores for the jackpots correctly.
This has been fixed.
– Added sounds for bat phone hurry-up gordon target and ball locked
display effect.
– Top eject and trough were not waiting for multiball start to finish
before kicking balls. This has been corrected.
– Blink the villain lamp associated with the villain for batphone hurry-up.
– Blink the villain lamp associated with the active villain.
– Added missed effects for batphone hurry-up when the hurry-up times out.
– Gordon target increases and restarts the batphone hurry-up.
– Fixed a bug with the major villain modes where the progress for starting
the modes was not being initialized correctly.
– Fixed vertical centering on some text items.
– Added Penguin skill shot.
– Changed RGB LED colors for super skill shot.
– Changed skill shot scores.
– Changed super skill shot to award major villain mode or gadget, as
– Fixed a bug in the skill shot that was causing the skill shot points
to increase over time by large amounts.
– Fixed a bug that was causing the number of shots for the villains to
not increase after the villain was completed.
– Mystery awards were not being given out during multiball. This has
been corrected.
– Shot multiplier target no longer easier if shot multiplier shots are
lit from mystery.
– Light shot multiplier shots award is given out less frequently from
mystery the more it is awarded.
– The shot multiplier target lamp was not being disabled when the
multiplier shots were lit. This has been corrected.
– Shot multiplier target hits were not being reset when the multiplier
shots were lit from mystery. This has been corrected.
– Added mystery display effect, sounds, and speech.
– Added a setting to allow penguin advance from the pop bumpers, but not
after the first penguin completion. (This is the default.)
– Combo award for the penguin VUK was being identified as coming from
the left loop. This has been corrected.
– Added a sound for using a gadget.
– Added status lamps to the catwoman mode.
– All balls are released from the turntable lock at once when there are
no balls locked.
– Fixed a crash bug at the start of ball 2, 3, which occurred with a
villain mode running at the time the skill shot text label was called
to be displayed.

– Incremental updates – speed up future code updates by only copying
changed file(s).