January 21

News : Kevin Kulek : Pinball Predator Fiasco : Brought Into Court To Speak About Charges Against Him.


Thanks to Wolfmarsh from Pinside and my friend Joe. Wolfmarsh has posted audio of Kevin Kulek talking to the  U.S. court system about federal charges against him. He is accused of stealing money from buyers of his Predator pinball and having no product to give.  If you don’t know the story, Kevin Kulek owned and operated the company Skit-B pinball company.  He created the game Predator which was supposedly licensed and ready to be released to pinball buyers.  Well it turned out that Kevin never got the license, took thousands of dollars from pinball buyers, and never was able to sell any of the machines.  In the end pinball enthusiasts who purchased the machine lost money and Kevin Kulek filed for bankruptcy.  As you might think, this has left many people who have paid Kevin in full and with down payments on the Predator pinball machine quite angry. No money or product was every returned to those people as of yet.

Sound Clip :

Click the link below to listen to the sound clip of Kevin addressing the court and lawyer. 

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