January 17



Stern released GhostBusters v1.13 code update today. Seems a lot of fixes have been addressed.

The update can be downloaded below.




Fixes and Tweaks :

– Found a couple speech calls that will be censored if the game is set to not
allow R-rated speech.
– Using the disable adjustment for the the Slimer mech will completely disable
the mech.
– Fixed spelling and punctuation on a few of the “DID YOU KNOW?” messages.
– Fixed THE BALLROOM instruction text to match the color of the inserts.
– If balls were being held in the LIBRARY LOCK at game start, they were making
the playfield valid when released.
– P.K.E. FRENZY was displaying an incorrect TOTAL on completion.
– The GHOST CAUGHT FOR EXTRA BALL adjustment was not being honored for
anything but AUTO.
– SUPER JACKPOT CHAMPION was not handled correctly.
– If NEGATIVE REENFORCEMENT was lit, a won SKILL SHOT award for it would
be skipped.
– Fixed misspelling of “CATCH 5 GHOSTS” on skill shot.
– CAPTIVE BALL TEST was mislabeled.
– Fixed mispelling of instruction text on GOZER THE GOZERIAN.
– The TERROR DOG HURRYUP was not resetting properly after being collected.
– Sometimes PICT-O-POPS was handing out the same award twice in a row.
– Sometimes PICT-O-POPS was handing out awards that didn’t make sense.
– ADD-A-BALL and LIGHT ADD-A-BALL were sometimes available when they
shouldn’t be.
– TOBIN’S SPIRIT GUIDE and PICT-O-POPS will no longer give out a SPINNER LEVEL
award if it’s already at its maximum level.

– If you disable your slimer mech with the Adjustment then the Ghost Target
will now trigger Slimer hits.
– The 100 GHOSTS lamp insert will now indicate when MASS HYSTERIA MULTIBALL
is achieved.
– The timer was not being displayed for HE SLIMED ME.
– SPOOK CENTRAL was not allowing the player enough time to complete the mode.
– Added callout at the start of STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN.
– Added P.K.E. FRENZY JACKPOT callout.
– Added GOZER HURRYUP callout.
– Added GEAR COLLECT callout.
– Default GOZER CHAMPION and TERROR DOG CHAMPION scores were lowered to
a more reasonable value.
– Added callout to the start of STORAGE FACILITY MULTIBALL.
– The SUBWAY EJECT ball saver no longer overrides the main ball saver if
set to the default time or less.
– STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN was not honoring the DESTRUCTOR multiplier for all
– Changed the colors of the extra ball lamp effects to green and white.
– Tweaked the EQ of some sounds.


1) Download the latest code for your game by visiting
and following the links to the software update
file for your specific game model.
2) Place game software update file (GAMENAME-VERSION.spk)
into the root directory of a blank FAT32-formatted USB flash drive.
Do not place more than one .spk files at a time in the root directory
of the USB flash drive.
3) Use backbox power switch to turn off game.
4) Plug the USB flash drive into a CPU board USB connector at CN20 or CN21.
5) Turn the game on.
6) The game will automatically begin the software update and the following
message will be displayed: “APPLYING UPDATE PLEASE WAIT”.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT turn the pinball machine off while this message
is displayed. This message may remain on the screen a long period of time.
7) When the display indicates “UPDATE COMPLETE”, turn the game off.
8) Remove the USB flash drive from the CPU board.
9) Turn the game on to play pinball!