January 14



Recently, I was able to unbox, play, and review Batman 66 Premium at my friend Joe’s house.  My friend Joe in the last couple years has gotten a Star Trek LE, Kiss LE, Game of Thrones LE, Ghost Busters LE, Iron Man Vault, and now a Batman 66 LE.  He is developing quite a collection.

The Batman 66 LE artwork on the playfield and cabinet looks great. The lock down bar, pinball legs,  and the side rails are painted back with glitter thrown in over the top and sealed with clear.  The glittering sheen and mirror like finish makes these parts of the game really stand out. Included in the game are pre installed game blades on the sides of the pinball cabinet.  The quality of the game blades are really good.  The material is made out of a thick vinyl. The colors are bright on the imagery of the blades.  The sound in the game also sounds brilliant.  From the callouts to the repetitious music in the background, the new and improved Spike board set makes quite a difference.  Let me mention the new LCD display to take the place of the old red and orange DMD.  Brilliant.  The display is clear and vivid.  The monitor is not too large and does not overtake the backglass area of the game.  Kudos to Stern for adding this to all the new games coming out of the factory.  Jersey Jack gets credit for the innovation of the LCD, but Stern has added improvements in my opinion.  The new back box display speaker panel is also another great innovation.  A key is used to unlock the panel, the panel drops down to allow access to the display and speakers of the game.  No more fighting the speaker panel to remove it from the game.  Reminds me of how the William’s Safe Cracker’s back box panel drops down to reveal the coin tubes and inner system boards of the game.  Very nice feature Stern.

Now for some of the cons.  Code is very early.  I haven’t played the newest code release 0.65 which had a lot of updates it seems, but the code we played seemed very scarce with rules.  Going forward, I would think since Lyman is doing the programming you can expect many more code releases in the future.  Some of the shots seemed a bit tight or not polished, maybe with some game play the game will break in a bit.  The ball sometimes would get stuck in the upper right saucer which is near the plunger lane.  The game would have to be shook to clear the ball again.  The revolving mech in the upper left corner of the playfield is a marvelous design for a mod in a game, but at times the ball would get lost in it and a ball search would have to be done to find the ball again.

Overall the game looks, sounds, and plays great.  The new features and added toys on the game make the game fun to play and beautiful to look at.  It’s great seeing the new technology and innovations being invented by pinball companies.  Also a shout out to the local pinball modders making toys and mods for these games.  It seems some of the pinball companies borrow heavily from the ideas of these people such as Cliffy (Protectors), Sparky (Mini Display Creator), Pinball Mike D, Tilt Graphics, PinGraffix 2.0, etc. Keep up the great work all you modders out there.  The downside of the game is the price. The price for me is steep so I would not be in the market to purchase a Batman 66.  Going forward, I am probably out of any New In Box since the price seems to creep upward every year.  I just can not pay three mortgage payments for a brand new game.  If you can, find a Batman 66 near your home. It’s worth putting a few bucks into the game.