January 13

CODE UPDATE : Batman Code 0.65 Update


NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Batman Code version 0.65 for the Premium, Limited Edition and Super Limited Edition models.

Additional details can be found in the read me file.

Super Limited Edition – v0.65:

Limited Edition – v0.65:

Premium – v0.65:

V0.65 – January 11, 2017

– Added/implemented new Joker standup target switch.
– Added Penguin crane lamp to the background lamp effect for the
penguin mode.
– Changed the priority of the background lamp effect for the fire button
so certain effects (HSTD initials, etc.) will be displayed.
– Fixed Catwoman speech; changed the Joker explosion.
– Added video/effects for major villains.
– Fixed issues with the major villain modes (one player’s work
affecting another’s).
– Increased replay and high score defaults.
– Fixed a bug in the Penguin mode that was causing state to be carried
over from player to player.
– Added sounds and speech.
– Fixed initialization of major villain advance.
– Added settings so it is not so difficult to restart the major villain
modes after failing to answer the Batphone.
– Disabled some background lamp effects for the turntable when the
turntable is in a different position and the shots cannot be reached.
– Disabled the Batmobile spinner switches so they do not register unless
the Batmobile spinner is facing the player.
– Improved ball handling for the turntable lock.
– Smoothed player transition animations.
– Fixed a bug where the player 4 score is highlighted at start of a new
4 player game after completion of a prior 4 player game.
– Tweaked position of 2 player scores to avoid line of background color
showing through at bottom.
– Added frame label to one player layout.
– Fixed an issue where the text bubble for the Batphone hurry-up award
was staying on the screen forever (or at least until the next batphone
hurry-up award).
– Fixed some issues with holding the ball in the kickout for super
– Lowered the scoring for the Batmobile spinner.
– Added villains captured display effects.
– Lane change no longer allowed for skill shot.
– Added turntable lock post test.
– Added settings for number of shots needed to light the super jackpot
for the major villains.
– Added grace period lamps for the Joker mode. Fixed an issue where a
Joker primary shot was not resetting the shot move timer, so, depending
on when the move shot was made, the next move would happen too quickly.
– Put background display effects in for minor villains and multiball.
– Added support for additional score frame backgrounds.
– Added ability to set text color in text bubbles.
– Added custom text bubble colors for each villain mode.
– Added ability to set text color in text bubbles.
– Added villain vision effects for Batphone hurry-up.
– Added lamp effect for the Batcave targets.