January 11

News : Wrath Of Olympus Pinball Installed With a ColorDMD Video

Wrath of Olympus is a pinball machine that was created by  Scott Gullicks and Frank Gigliotti from the company Riot Pinball.  The game was created as a virtual pinball machine and transformed into a real life machine.  Riot Pinball tried selling the machines to pinball enthusiasts if enough people wanted to buy it.  The machine was going to be built by Spooky Pinball and sold at around the price of $7900.00.  Unfortunately the company did not have enough backers to support the project and the idea was scrapped.  The company needed to sell at least 100 machines to make the production of WOOLY a reality.  I believe three prototypes were built that can be played today.

Riot Pinball released a video showing the WOOLY machine with game play and using a ColorDMD.

Read the Pinside Post Below About the Wrath Of Olympus Pinball Machine :

WOOLY and ColorDMD Video :