January 07

Repairs : Scoleri Bros and Air Ball Protector Repair Video For Stern’s Ghostbusters Pinball.

Pinnovators Headphone Jack Title.jpg

I was having issues with massive air balls and the Scoleri Bros drop downs not working on my Ghostbusters Premium.  In this video I show how I fixed the drop downs with the stretching of the stock spring on the game.  Also I installed a plastic protector piece that my friend Joe designed to alleviate the air ball issue so many people are having in the game.

In the link below, the design of the plastic piece is available for download so you can make your own protector.  Either right click on the link to download, or left click to open the PDF and download the image with the icon in the upper right hand corner of the PDF file.

Download Plastic Protector Full Image Below By Clicking On the URL Link:

www.pinballsupernova.com/images/Joe GB Plastic Protector.pdf


Protector and Drop Down Repair Video Below :

Pictures of Install :