January 05

News : Stern’s Aerosmith Pinball Announced and Unveiled

The rumor has come true, Stern Pinball announced Aersosmith pinball.  Stern released pictures on its Facebook page today showing the different models of the game.  Stern is releasing three models of the game : PRO, PREMIUM, and LIMITED EDITION models. Some of the public are saying that the Aerosmith layout looks closely similar to another of Borg’s design, Kiss. The game was designed by John Borg, programmed by Lonnie Ropp and artwork by Dirty Donny.  Dirty Donny has done artwork on a few Stern games such as Metallica and Pabst Can Crusher.  Stern has gone forward and replaced the old DMD for an LCD screen.  The LCD screen was introduced in Batman 66 which is hitting the streets now.  Pricing is rumored to be increasing again for this title.  The rumored pricing is listed below.

Aerosmith Pinball Pricing:

Pro Model: $6199
Premium Model: $7899
Limited Edition Model: $8999

This is an increase from Ghostbusters.  The increase is shown below :

MSRP compared to Ghostbusters:
PRO = +$200
PREMIUM = +$300
LE = +$200

Stay tuned for more details on the game as they come out.

Facebook Video of Aerosmith at CES



Playfield Pics :

Cabinet Pics :

Playfield Pics :


Kiss and Aerosmith Playfield Comparison :