January 02

News : American Pinball Posts Delay Issues on Facebook.


I was looking through the pinball groups on Facebook this morning and came across this story. I went to the American Pinball Facebook page and noticed a post for the new year. American Pinball has posted on Facebook that delays are happening with the release of Houdini Pinball and Magic Girl because of administrative and legal issues.

This American Pinball story seems to get worse and worse as time goes on. I hope the company  can get things together and distribute machines to the rightful owners who gave thousands of dollars to Popadiuk for the pre-sale of the Magic Girl pinball machine.

Below is the Facebook post of American Pinball. Below that post is the story and link to another story I have written with the background of the American Pinball company.


Background of the American Pinball Company :

Recently in the news, a company by the name of American Pinball has suddenly appeared on the pinball radar.  The post which I first read on Facebook by this company stated that this “NEW” company was going to work with former Williams pinball designer John Popadiuk and create a new pinball game.  The first game to be released by American Pinball is Houdini which should be a great title to create since John was the designer of Williams Theater of Magic.

As you all know, people are frowning upon this news because John Popadiuk is the same designer who took thousands of dollars of preorder sales when he announced Magic Girl from Zidware.  Not only did he take thousands of dollars from pinball owners, but he also never released any games with no refund.  You can see why people would be a bit sour to this news from American Pinball.

Well, American pinball is claiming not only is the company releasing a new game called Houdini, but they are also going to make good on John’s blunders and release Magic Girl to their rightful owners who spent money on the game.  Is this a hoax or not, time will only tell. Will John be present at the pinball shows talking about the game and his failures at Zidware?  I would love to be a fly on the wall during those conversations.

Link to the story :