December 10

News : Dutch Pinball December Newsletter.


12/09/2016 – The Big Lebowski™ Pinball – December Update

Production Update

With the holidays coming up we would like to give you an update about The Big Lebowski™ pinball production. Unfortunately we are experiencing a delay in the current batch as we encountered a production error of the Middle Main Board (MMB). The MMBs are produced in-house by our manufacturing partner ARA. We noticed during tests that there were several electrical breakdowns on the second batch of MMBs. ARA is investigating what went wrong and this has proven trickier than we all hoped for. The good news is that the first production batch works fine so there are no suspicious MMBs in the delivered games. Once ARA finds the mistake we will unpack the games that are ready and replace the MMBs before shipping them. We really want to be sure that the games we deliver have a 100% working MMB!



Software Update

We are working on a new software update which will soon enter the testing phase. The new update will feature all new car modes, numerous rule improvements and of course bug fixes. More details will be provided when the update is ready.


Pinball Magazine

In issue number 4 of Pinball Magazine, you can read a 17 pages interview with Dutch Pinball. It covers the development of our game in great detail. There is also an interview with Jean-Paul de Win with 5 pages about the artwork of our game. Great stuff to read!


You can order a copy of Pinball Magazine at



We wish you great holidays and a happy 2017 with lots of pinball!


We’ll send out more updates as soon as we have more ‘new shit’ to show you guys!

Until then, stay tuned.

Best regards,
Team Dutch Pinball