November 21

News : Houston Arcade Expo Review by Lee Bellehumeur

Friend of the Pinball Supernova blog and The Pinball Podcast, Lee Bellehumeur wrote a great review of his trip to the Houston Arcade Expo.


I traveled to the 2016 Houston Arcade and Pinball Expo Nov. 11th & 12th.  This is one of the smaller shows, but definitely has a lot going on. A multi-day tournament, seminars, vendors and even some Stormtroopers walking around.   There were over 200 games there that were split about evenly between pins, vids and consoles.  They had all the latest Sterns, a MMR, and a hot, fresh, Dominoes from Spooky Pinball.  The arcades were all in very nice shape with multiples of popular titles like Robotron.  The setup was nice and never got too crowded and the tournament had its own room.  Overall, the hotel was nice, less expensive than most and had a pretty good bar/restaurant so you didn’t need to leave the premises if you didn’t want to.


Dominoes was the “WOZ” of the show and is a great looking game with the overall blue/red color scheme.  Although simple looking compared to say Ghostbusters, it’s a pretty fun family friendly game with “some” leftover toys from AMH and some new shots, so it isn’t just a re-theme.  I have no idea where the code is at overall, but it was fun to play and has some brutal outlanes.   Listed at $5299 retail it could be a solid seller for Spooky Pinball given the current market shenanigans.  The Spooky seminar was well attended.

Read the entire article here at the Pinball Podcast blog :

Thanks Don, Jeff, and Lee for the article and pictures.