November 03

News : Arcooda Video Pinball : A New Type Of Virtual Pinball


A new company has appeared in the virtual pinball market.  The company is called Arcooda and they have designed a virtual machine that uses state of the art technology that will revolutionize the gaming market.  Follow this thread as more details and pictures are released.  Follow Arcooda on all social media sites with the links below.

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Read below to see all the details of the Arcooda Video Pinball Machine.

Arcooda Video Pinball is a full-sized video pinball machine with real pinball parts. It has real flipper coils, shaker motors, a tilt and nudge feature and a real pinball plunger.

It uses a variety of licensed software, but users have the ability to add their own.

Internally, the machine works on 3.3 – 12 volts only. Regular pinball machines use up to 50 volts.

All components in Arcooda Video Pinball will be plug in and play with customised parts. This means owners will not have the need for experienced technicians to make repairs to their machine.

Our machine is the world’s full-sized video pinball machine with a touchscreen. Users can play games using the touchscreen (a 42” HD LCD screen that is built into the top of the table to become the playfield). Users will also be able to navigate through the menus using the touchscreen (much like how you use a smart phone).

Users can also play games using traditional flipper buttons located on the side of the cabinet.

A special feature of Arcooda Video Pinball is that that control panel is interchangeable. The machine will ship with a blank panel (regular pinball), but is also available with joystick and push buttons panel (arcade games), gun panels (gun shooting games) and mobile device panel (tablet and mobile phones).

As well as a number of navigational buttons, the cabinet also has USB ports in the front that support external console controllers. This means users of Arcooda Video Pinball can play games in a number of ways – via the touchscreen, flipper buttons, with arcade controls, external console hand controllers or a combination of all of them.

Our competitor’s products have separate machines for separate games/genres. Ours does it all in the one machine.

Proprietary software and hardware within the machine means Arcooda Video Pinball is universally compatible. It supports consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. Just plug an external console into the machine – no adapters or technical skill needed – and play games through Arcooda Video Pinball.

This means that Arcooda Video Pinball can support the widest range of games. Users aren’t just limited to pinball tables. And if they’re tired of playing one game they just press the home button and access thousands more.

Arcooda Video Pinball is a true gaming machine. There’s a number of new features we’re launching early next year that will be shared with the public when released.