November 01

PODCAST UPDATE :BROKEN TOKEN : EPISODE 47–There’s a head stuck in your coin door


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Ahh… Halloween.  It’s could be called one of the best (it’s definitely one of the most fun) holidays of the year and we try to pay homage to that spirit of fun this month here on the show.  Despite showing up to record in our best costumes (we dressed up like wannabe podcasters), we ditch the spooky sound effects and get straight to the business of the month – and it’s nothing but high-quality arcade and pinball talk.  Ok – the high-quality part is a stretch, but it beats getting a bag full of rocks.

We cover off on our recent Ghostbusters pinball purchase, take delivery and do some box unpacking talk, along with lots (and I do mean lots) of discussion on first impressions, what needs to be addressed before putting the game into full-time play and our favorite mods for the game thus far.  We talk through monthly updates (which encompasses a Rowe jukebox, Back To The Future pinball, Mad Planets and a major announcement on the Sky Skipper Project that Whitney is working on with Alex and Olly in the UK.  At this time, it’s safe to say Sky Skipper is officially on like Donkey Kong.  We also talk shop on approaches to LED’ing out a pinball machine and following up on the Bryman BM235 multimeter.

Oh – and Whitney finds all kinds of treasures in the coin buckets of Brent’s games.

Here’s the best recipe we could come up with on short notice to help you enjoy this month’s show:

  1. Do an overnight download of the show to your phone.
  2. Grab your favorite variety of pumpkin beer – preferably cold.
  3. Open it, savor the aroma and then pour it down the drain.
  4. Go grab any other kind of beer, pop it open and relish in the fact that you aren’t drinking pumpkin beer.
  5. Hit play.
  6. Let the insanity surround you.

Here’s how the show timings break down for this month:

  • 0:00 – Intro and monthly updates
  • 1:00 – Reflections on a big-butted ghost
  • 2:15 – Tech & Spend Brent’s money
  • 3:01 – News & Feedback
  • 3:45 – Outtakes and ‘ode to the Chipmunks’