October 20



NEW HOBBIT CODE is now available! DELTA ONLY update. It currently updates any base game code.

Download the Update Here :

== Version 1.90 ==

=== Known Issues

– Note that Headphone Volume doesn’t work for Hobbit; it was meant to be
suppressed. The software has no idea if headphones are plugged in or not
on Hobbit, so we have to use the normal volume.

=== Game Code

* Added safety check for mode starts.
+ Mode/map bonuses.
– At the end of each mode, you can earn up to 3 different kinds of bonuses:
1. Timer Bonus (not shown on total screen right now): Each second you
have left when you win a mode gets added to MULTIPLIABLE bonus.
The points earned are 1+2+3… for each second you have remaining.
2. Map Bonus: If the map is beyond where the mode takes place, you
earn +25% mode total in unmultiplied end-of-ball bonus. For each
completion of the map (got to super spinner), you get an additional
+50% added.
3. Previous Mode Bonus: Each mode now has a completion percent
associated with it (shown on grand total page). Each mode can have
0-3 “feeder” mode associated with it. For each feeder mode, you
earn a percentage bonus based on the total completion percentage of
the feeder modes. Each feeder mode is displayed on the grand total
page, dim if you haven’t played the feeder, and solid if you have.
Good luck finding some good feeder combinations! All of the feeders
“make sense” (at least to me) in terms of how they relate to future
covered modes, so some can probably be guessed pretty easily.
+ Broken beast compensation. If a beast isn’t coming up, then shots behind
each beast will count towards hitting the beast. The relevant switches
are the left and right spinners, and the left and right ramp entrances.
* Changed spinner scoring.
* Bonus reformatted to take new items into account.
* Fixed a relatively rare crash bug on a mode shot.
+ Smaug death fanfare.
* Fixed super spinner scoring bug (each spin scored twice intended).
* Super spinner timer remaining adds to timer bonus.
* Feast Frenzy timer remaining adds 3x to timer bonus.
* Fix Moon Runes not showing grand total screen properly.
* Add card reader movies to attract mode.
+ Volume effects. If you don’t like these, note the adjustments in
Settings->System Settings->Sound.
* All book modes have been score balanced a lot better than they were.
There were a lot of winners (like Rescue Gandalf and Defeat of Azog) and
some losers (Roast Mutton).
+ Battle of Five Armies.
+ Black Arrow support.

=== Core Code

* Fixed an extremely rare crash bug (r1159).
* Fix label on coil test enter button.
* Fix tilt logic that was giving about a half second less of plumb bob
debounce time than expected.
* Bulletproof ball roll tilt detection.
* Fix Match bug where turning off match still gave a 10% chance of matching.

=== OS

* Fix update routine that stopped update screen from showing after 30s.
* Added missing “update complete” screen.