October 15



Martin from Pinball News.com has posted on his site the on goings of Pinball Expo 2016 taking place this week in Chicago.  Martin always writes great articles about the pinball hobby.

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1:00pm – So…Can You Make Me a New Backglass? – Bruce Westfall & Scott Moehring.

Bruce Westfall & Scott Moehring Bruce is a professional screen printer who was brought into pinball by Scott and investigated who was making reproduction backglasses and plastics, and whether it was something he could get into.

Now he has worked on more than a hundred artwork pieces through their company Outside Edge

The first questions they ask when asked to reproduce a backglass are “Do you have the rights?” and then “Is it worth what it will cost?”.

After that they need to assess the original art and then build the new art file. Bruce described how important it is for there to be a custodian of the artwork who ensures the quality and integrity of any reproductions.

Bruce and Scott

Scott then spoke about the problems they face trying to recreate something when you don’t have the original assets such as films or screens or the same type of ink or when the item they are trying to copy has shrunk over the years.

Finally, the type of printing process has to be decided. Sometimes spot colours are needed to faithfully recreate the hues and saturations of the original, while at other times CYMK is used to give the graduations and subtleties required.
2:00pm – Pinball, Politics & Pornography – Jim Schelberg

Jim Schelberg Jim was back to show a series of pinball-related clips, starting with short sequence from the original Batman series where Batman talks about The Joker acquiring a pinball company.

After that, a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a Playboy documentary and a Demolition Man promotional video followed.

Jim then handed out packs of Maoam Pinballs to everyone in the audience before continuing with more pinball clips which included the Drunk History episode about Roger Sharpe, who was in the audience.

Jim with the Maoam Pinballs
Jim with the Maoam Pinballs

3:00pm – Really Funny Pinball Stories – Martin Wiest

Martin Wiest Martin related how he has been a coin-op and pinball fan ever since he was a child. He formed the German Pinball Association and has been addicted to pinball ever since.

Martin has 70 games, but says he can only remember from where he got around 60 of them. He told the stories about how he came to buy several of them.

After that, Martin told the full story of the organisation of the 2006 European Pinball Championship in Munich, describing the problems they faced from construction in the area to emergency building work inside the facility to meet fire regulations.

Martin describing a trecherous trip into the mountains to buy a game
Martin describing a treacherous trip into the mountains to buy a game

He also spoke about the five Star Wars Episode 1 and four Revenge from Marsmachines which were connected together with a modified version of the software Williams used for their Pinball 2000 tournament at Pinball Expo 1999.

5:00pm – Up Close With Gary Stern – Gary Stern

Gary Stern & Joe Kaminkow Gary was joined on stage by Joe Kaminkow who spoke about how they set up the Batman 66 deal with Adam West and the promotional events they have set up to celebrate the launch.

Gary then described the VIP meet & greet they have lined up for Friday where guests will get to meet Adam West.

Gary then talked about the resurgence in pinball and the growth in barcades bringing pinball to a wider audience. He moved on to the move of Stern Pinball to their new Elk Grove Village facility and how that has helped their business.

Gary Stern
Gary Stern

Gary then introduced several of the staff the company has added in various roles over the past few years.

He continued by describing the different types of games the company makes – Cornerstone releases are the Ghostbusters and Game of Thrones types of games, Vault Editions are the Spider-Man and Iron Man types, while the Studio Editions are the Whoa Nellie and Batman 66 games. He also added the Consumer Level Spider-Man game, the Private Label Pabst Can Crusher, and the Contract Management game Medieval Madness remake.

Gary included the accessories the company sells to enhance their games – toppers, side rails, shooter rods, etc. – and the Stern-branded clothing, saying they try to cover everything pinball.

George Gomez then came up to talk about the development of the Batman 66 and the unique features included in the game.

George Gomez with Batman 66 Super LE
George Gomez with Batman 66 Super LE

Gary then addressed the problem of playfield insert ‘ghosting’ saying they would replace the playfields of the affected games.