October 14

News : Jersey Jack’s Dialed In Unveiled Yesterday at Expo 2016


Last night Jersey Jack Pinball unveiled its newest pinball machine called Dialed In.  The machine was designed by Pat Lawlor.  Pat Lawlor designed many other titles for Stern and Bally / Williams.  Some of the titles he created are Addams Family, Fun House, Twilight Zone, Monopoly, Nascar, and Family Guy.

From the images of the game, it seems to contain a lot of mods and toys on the play field.  The video that was streamed unveiling the game from Expo showed the video in the back box during game play.  The video seemed to look a lot like the Sim City franchise game from Maxis.

The game also has a tie in with a cell phone hence the name Dialed In.  From what I saw from the video last night, you are able to take selfies while playing the game.  It’s totally a different concept that is for sure.  The ringing of the cell phone throughout the game seems a bit annoying.

The pricing is of course high as all pinball machines are today.  The pricing for the game is listed below.

Dialed In Collectors Edition : $12,500

Dialed In Limited Editon : $9,000

Features of the Game:

  • Original concept game design by Pat Lawlor
  • Original art design by John Youssi
  • Special plaque signed by Pat Lawlor, John Youssi, and Jersey Jack
  • The first-ever pinball machine to feature Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, and additional player capabilities through a smart phone
  • Special attract mode animation for Limited Edition
  • 3-D interactive projected image
  • Illuminated cityscape back panel
  • Innovative swiveling LCD mount
  • 3 flying drones
  • Animated robot
  • Moving animated target
  • Upper playfield ball play
  • Hidden trap door
  • Low-profile bottom arch with removable instruction card reader brackets
  • Multiple shot subway system
  • Plunger skill shot feature
  • Multiple ball game play
  • 3 ball lock multi-ball play
  • 5 magnet assemblies that enhance ball movement and game play
  • Owner adjustable outlane posts
  • Numbered (pick your favorite number, subject to availability)
  • Premium Clear Coated Playfield
  • Invisiglass
  • Shaker Motor
  • Standard size cabinet.
  • 27″ HD LCD featuring full color animation and visual integration of game features
  • RGB-LED Playfield lightning
  • 5 speaker 2.1 stereo surround sound
  • Stereo headphone jack


Photos Taken From Jersey Jack Facebook Page :