October 11



CODE UPDATE – Stern Pinball has released code update version 1.10 for Ghostbusters Pinball. The update is for Pro, Premium and LE models. This new version features an all new video mode, a list of fixes and a load of tweaks!

Complete details can be found in the READ ME file attached with the update on our website.




Stern Pinball is committed to quality code. Stay tuned to our social media for more code updates on other titles coming soon!

PRO V1.10 – October 6, 2016
– Added a new video mode called Don’t Cross the Streams. You now may choose between “Negative Reinforcement” or “Don’t Cross the Streams”.
– Added Scare Feature adjustment
– Added TIME OUT MODES Adjustment; When a mode times out it will not require the player to restart it. It will not relight modes.
– Added MODE CONTINUE Adjustment; If you drain while a mode is running it will continue on the next ball.

– Loopin Supers was making the wrong speech call if you had 3X
Super lit before you started it. All Loopin Super awards
are 1X Super Jackpots.
– Eddy Murphy was spelled incorrectly.
– Ad-Libbed was spelled incorrectly.
– Shaker Motor Adjustment was not turning the shaker motor off when required.
– When you complete all nine modes the modes will all unlight now so you can play them all again.

– Changed the sound of a couple timer sounds
– Tweaked instant info
– Changed GHOST letters to always reset to one shot away before bringing out Slimer on MEDIUM or EASY. Changed HARD to be less hard.
– All multiballs now light Add-a-ball at their start.
– Changed Skill shot for top lane P from +5X to +3X
– Changed dozens of speech calls to be a bit brighter.
– Tweaked the colors of modes and features
– Severely reduced how much the Gozer the Gozerian mode increases the Super Jackpot Value
– Made Slimer less sensitive when he first begins to decend.
– Increased the max ball save time from 15 seconds to 60 seconds
– Delayed Ball Search at end of modes when needed.