October 08

NEWS : Local arcade welcoming new members to pinball league : NBC4I


NBC4I has written an article about a pinball league located in Columbus.  The name of the league and arcade is called Arcade Super Awesome and is starting its fifth season.

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/arcadesuperawesome/?fref=nf

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Arcade Super Awesome is starting the 5th season for its competitive pinball league.

The league meets every Thursday evening at 7 pm. Registration is $10. Owner of Arcade Super Awesome and league founder John Geiger says the league is a great way to meet people and enjoy a classic game.

“The great thing is that it’s incredibly social,” said Geiger. “[There’s] a lot of personal interaction. [You] make a lot of new friends. You don’t have to be great at pinball.”

Any money that doesn’t go toward trophies and prizes is donated to a charity called Project Pinball.

Read the entire story and watch the video below :

Thanks to NBC4I for the article.