October 03

York Pinball Show 2016

My friends and I attended the York 2016 Pinball Show Saturday October 1st. The show had about 10 vendors and the usual EM’s and B title games to be played. The EM’s looked great and the B title pinball machines were in pretty good shape. The attendance of this years show was not overwhelming but consistent for the two days. The bad weather always seems to follow the show every year when it is held. This year was no exception, constant rain all day.

The usual vendors were on hand, Cointaker, Tilt Graphics, Pinball Star Amusements, VP Cabinets, Starship Fantasy, etc. I got to hang out and talk with my friends in the pinball hobby including Jose and Reynir from Tilt Graphics, Don Kraper (Burning Man from Pinside), Bruce Nightengale (Slam Tilt Podcast), Eric Destasio (Stash Kid) and many others. Always great to chat with everyone and play some pinball.

Cointaker always brings the newest Stern games to every show. The York show had the honor to unveil the newest Stern game, Ghost Busters Premium. Well unfortunately the slimer mechanism on the game broke Friday so the game did not play to its fullest capabilities. The artwork and game play nonetheless still were great. My friend Todd pointed out that the play field on the Premium had a blue overtone while the Pro had a purple overtone. The blue play field looks great on the game. Cointaker also brought a Kiss, Ghost Busters Pro, The Big Lebowski, The Bride of Pinbot 2.0 (Thanks to Don Kraper), and a Full Throttle. Thanks to Cointaker for allowing everyone to play these games while attending the show.

Pinball Star Amusements had a couple games on hand to play also. Rob Zombie, America’s Most Haunted, Wizard of Oz, and The Hobbit were all on free play and allowed to be played by the public.

A couple games stood out amongst the couple hundred games on hand. Critical Mass, a prototype by Gottlieb was on the floor and looked great. The game was not on free play but only cost a quarter a play. It was worth it. On the floor also was a Bally’s Scared Stiff white wood to be played. Alot of EM’s, B and C titles in the pinball market were at the show, not many A titles.

I always have a great time at the York show. Besides the bad weather and none of the top games in the pinball market to be had at the show, it’s always a fun time. It is great to play games that you may have never seen in the pinball world but can be played at a show such as this. Thanks to everyone for bringing the games to the show. Without people like this, games would not be available to be played by the public making any pinball show pretty lame. Looking forward to next year.

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