October 02

Hailey’s Harp-Cade in Metuchen New Jersey Brings Old School Arcade Fun to Your Traditional Irish Pub :Bit Journal.Com


Bit Journal has posted an article about the newly opened Hailey’s Harp-Cade in Metuchen NJ.

So an Arcade, Viking Beer and a Central New Jersey walk into a bar…

Yes! You heard that right folks. There is no punchline to this one. Central New Jersey now has its very own Arcade Bar. In Metuchen (a small town nestled in between Woodbridge and Edison townships) Hailey’s Harp & Pub on Main Street is an already well established Irish Pub and Eatery with a great selection of alcohol and food to choose from. However, the pub now has an alter ego located behind it on 15 Station Place. The two egos combined are like a mullet straight out of the 80s, business in the front, party in the back.

Hailey’s alter-ego is known as Harp-Cade. Upon entering Harp-Cade, 80s tunes rocked the sound system. The smell of quality lagers, ales and IPAs were complimented with some classic mixers filled the air. I sat down at the bar and immediately noticed a fairly decent selection of beers, many of which I was not familiar with. Being that this was the grand opening, it was time for me to try something new. Immediately, I seen an ale with a Viking holding an axe on the label. The beer was called Skull Splitter so naturally, my geeky, sword wielding, RPG-loving self  identified with it. One of the bar tenders handed me a bottle. It was 8.9 by volume. While I will never claim to be a big drinker, this is definitely one of the stronger beers I have tried. While the label implied that Erick the Red would most likely shatter my cranium, the ale was quite smooth and had a deep, hoppy flavor to it. To compliment the Skull Splitter, I also ordered a side of mozzarella sticks. I loved the fact that they were double battered and not just those cheap ones where half the bread crumbs fall off.


Shortly after having a drink and a bite to eat, I entered the back room. At that point, I heard the old familiar sounds of coins clanging out of the change machine, pews, bleeps and bloops and the constant mashing of buttons and joystick clicks. Not since the 1980s have I seen a room so packed with people of many different age groups all there to play video games. Its just day one and the retro scene is a live and well.


The first thing I truly appreciated about this arcade is the fact that they have not hiked up their prices. These machines take quarters and anyone can play them for the very humble, low price of .25 to .50 cents a game. While most of the games were timeless classics from the 1980s such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids and Galaga, some 90s hits like Crusin USA, X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Area 51 were also available. While I did play most of the machines there, one game that really caught my attention was the original Asteroids. Back in the 80s, while I have seen this cabinet many times, I only played Asteroids on various collections on PC and Console. It was interesting to see how you main ship and the lasers it fired were lit differently in comparison to the asteroids on the screen. The lasers really popped and were like ten times brighter than everything else. It was like the difference between florescent light versus an LED. While I can talk about it so much, one can only truly notice this difference if they have played an emulated version and compared it to the cabinet. In a very strange way, this little effect they pulled off back then made the game stand out that much more.

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