October 01

News : Doom Custom Pinball Machine Creation

If you grew up in the early 90’s you certainly know about the game Doom for the PC. Bonnevil69 from Pinside is creating a pinball machine that is based on the theme of the computer game Doom.  Bonnevil69 is taking a widebody pinball machine and customizing it with his own parts.  The game looks great as does the artwork.  The artwork is being designed by Eric Ridgeway.

To read more of the story, click the Pinside link below :

Taken from the Pinside post :

I figured I should try and show some stuff to the public before expo So here is my Doom pinball project that will be shown at expo this year. It is P-Roc powered and I’m using the PyProcGameHD + Skeleton game framework to build the software on. Don’t know how far I will get on the actual rules so it may be pretty basic as far as rules and such. The layout of shots is a bit tight compared to most machines But I figured if its based on a FPS it should require accuracy. I found a really good artist to handle art and has also been helpful in the design of toys and telling me when stuff doesn’t look right, Always good to have another creative person involved in these projects. Back Alley Creations is doing all powdercoating of metal parts and Matt is always a good guy to talk to about building stuff.

This machine will not be produced and is not for sale

Cabinet and Playfield art By
Eric Ridgeway

So here is the machine features list So Far.
Widebody Machine
4 aluminum flippers
2 slings
3 pop bumpers
4 diverters
a huge custom subway system full stainless construction with a diverter to change its exit point
3 vuks
1 kicker
12 targets (4 on the mini-playfield)
3 servo controlled doors
3 fully custom stainless ramps (1 has a flap that opens)
6 lanes (4 Inlanes and 2 outlanes)
No shooter lane
full rgb lighting for inserts and GI
Tons of shots with a few hidden ones (Doom needs hidden stuff)