September 28

News : Montrealers to face off in city’s 1st women’s pinball tournament : CBC News



CBC News has posted an article about a women’s pinball league created by Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon of Montreal.  The name of the league is appropriately called Ball Bustin’ B*****s. It seems that this women’s league is the first and only created in Montreal. Charlotte and the league hosted a event called Lady Luck Women’s Pinball Tournament on September 27th at the North Star Machines à Piastres, on St-Laurent Boulevard.

Pinball may seem like a wacky game, reserved for dingy arcades and kids’ birthday parties. But that’s not the case for everybody.

Since January, around 20 Montreal women have been meeting weekly to polish their pinball skills.

And tonight, they’ll put those skills to test at the first annual Lady Luck Women’s Pinball Tournament, hosted by Montreal’s only female pinball league.

Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon, one of the top 100 pinball players in Canada and a PhD candidate at Concordia University, founded the league this past January. She was motivated by what she saw as a lack of women in the game.

“Pinball has a tradition of being an old boys club,” Fillmore-Handlon told CBC’s Daybreak. “I wanted to create an environment where women feel comfortable joining in.”

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Thanks to CBC News and Cecilia McArthur for the story and pictures.