August 27

Heath Ashley, Person Who Contributes To Pinball


Last month while attending the Replay FX 2016 tournament in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I ran into a person by the name of Heath Ashley.  I started talking with him and it turned out he is a great pinball player, contributes to a pinball league in Columbia South Carolina, and also has a side business of repairing pinball machines.  Heath also is a really nice guy with a lot of enthusiasm.

Listed below are Heath’s websites that he contributes to and also a short story of why he and his friends started the Palmetto Pinball Club league in Columbia South Carolina.

Columbia Pinball Repair Site :

Palmetto Pinball Club League Facebook Page  :

Heath Ashley Story :

We used to play monthly tournaments at a bar here in Columbia, SC. They only had 3 games, but it was still fun! Sadly they closed, and we started pizza place hopping to find games, about 3 times a week. Well that got expensive, and right before pinburgh last year, 2 of my pinball buddies put their money together and bought a world cup soccer 94. Within 2 months we had 6 games! But my friend’s house was too small for the tournaments we drew in, so we found a place that was in an abandoned office space. It was less than $500 per month, and had room for all our games, and a few more- So September of 2015 we officially opened the Palmetto Pinball Club! Since then, we’ve had monthly tournaments, and 2 charity events! One was even for project pinball last month- We have members that pay $5 for a daily membership to play all 14 of our games on free play. You could also purchase a full month membership for only $25! Now we have enough members to pay the rent, and even buy the parts needed for repairs each month. Also, other pinball owners can put their games in and borrow ones they don’t have, so it’s kinda like a pinball foster care type thing. I think this model of a group of owners, and a group of players will really catch on pretty soon- It worked for us, and we’re in a small town with a small population!