August 14


Watch the Ghost Busters Video Below (Review, Game Play, and Unboxing)

I got to unbox, video, play, and review my friend Joe’s Ghost Busters LE pinball machine.  The game’s artwork and design looks great.  From the green slime color to the bright illustrations designed by Zombi Yetti, the package is a winner.  The game is brutally fast with very short ball time.  The sound package and the dot illustrations look and sound great also.  The plastic mods that come from the factory look great on the play field.  The magna slings were not impressive to me at this stage of the game.  Hopefully code updates will make the magna slings perform better when playing the game.  I would take the traditional slings back as of right now.  Also crazy air balls plagued many of our games when hitting targets.

Overall the game is a winner.  Ghost Busters is a challenging, fast, demanding game.  From the artwork to game play, Stern has made every Ghost Buster fan very happy.  Only wish Stern can fix the play field issues that have been haunting them with this game.

The Pros :

  • Play field artwork
  • Mods
  • Sound and DMD dots
  • Cabinet artwork looks fantastic
  • Cliffy’s installed from the factory
  • Ecto goggles mini display
  • Book stacking captive ball sticking repair

The Cons :

  • Left and right side rails mismatched directly from Stern
  • Air Balls
  • Balls hopping over the inlane
  • The price, these games are getting very expensive
  • Brutally fast and short ball time (Maybe some people like the challenge)
  • Magna Slings

Left and Right Side Side Rails Mismatched directly from Stern

Here is a great post from Pinside talking about some of the issues of Ghost Busters and the repairs for them.