August 06



NEW HOBBIT CODE is now available! DELTA ONLY update. It currently updates any base game code.

Download the Update Here :

== Version 1.30 ==

=== Game Code

* More Into the Fire choreography.
* Improved Windlance choreography.
* Added Windlance awards 2x mode scoring, 2x playfield scoring, add-a-ball.
+ Barrel Escape.
* Arkenstone modes now properly restart after an add-a-ball event.
* REALLY scaled back Beast jackpot callouts.
* Mode won/ending fanfares unified.
* Fix Into the Fire stage 4 and victory lap lamps.
* Fix won modes not registering properly towards Arkenstone modes.
* Into the Fire scoring nerfed.
* Correct some stale blinking lamps.
* Defeat of Azog made a bit easier and higher scoring.
* Update mode hexicons.
* Ring Button can now be used during intial entry.
+ Book Mode Multiball. Adjustments control how many “easy” locks player
gets (light when Smaug locks light), and how hard it is to win points
and extra balls during Treasure Hunt.
* Fix drop targets popping back up after being hit during skill shot.
* Poppers hold off during extra ball and replay animations now.
* Cleaned up some book mode background speech.
* Arkenstone lit lamp effect should be more obvious now.
* Fix middle beasts’ backstab.
* Smaug Multiball scoring nerfed.

=== Core Code

* Start button only shows Credits 0 if in attract mode now (not in-game).
* With SLOW restart set, game can be restarted on ball 1 with max players.
* Match awards credits now if interrupted by start.
* HSTD entry now times out after 60 seconds of inactivity.
* Coin-in no longer cancels HSTD entry (could cause game to get stuck).