August 04

Mods : Jersey Jack Hobbit Upgrade Kit. Springs, Plastics, and Wire Forms


Last night while playing at the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, my friends Ed, Lou, and I credited up the Hobbit.  While playing the Hobbit, Ed got his ball stuck under one of the monsters that pop up mid field within the game.  The ball continued to be stuck even after the ball search.  After a minute or so, another ball was launched from the shooter lane because the ball that was stuck could not be found by the game.  While Ed tried shooting at his ball that continued to be stuck on the play field, guess what, he got that ball stuck also meaning two balls were stuck under the monster pop up.  After shaking the machine the balls finally were released.  Thanks to Steve Bowden from Fun with Bonus for posting this article on his website. It’s coincidental that Steve posted this right after the issue happened last night while playing the game.

In the upgrade kit, you get four plastics and screws that attach under the monsters that pop up on the play field fixing the stuck ball issue.  Also in the kit, 12 new springs for 11 drop targets are included.  Also a new post is included for the left hand side wire form ramp where balls were getting stuck.  You can purchase for $89.00 a newly modified wire form ramp which attaches to the left hand side of the play field.  Jack does not say what the issues are of the current or older wire form, but a new one is available.

Watch Jack explain the issues and show the parts to resolve the problems.