August 03

News : PELHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE : Pinball Wizard Expertly restored pinball machines as far as the eye can see.


Story about The Pinball Wizard arcade and owner Sarah St. John

It isn’t much to look at from the outside. A large boxy building in a 1970s strip mall, next a pizza place, off of Route 38 near Pelham, New Hampshire, the only thing that marks it as unusual is the sign up top reading “The Pinball Wizard Arcade.”

However, hidden behind that bland facade is the Northeast’s single greatest pinball bonanza. With rows and rows of classic pinball, every great pinball machine can be found within Pinball Wizard. One of the things that makes the Wizard unusual is that the condition of the machines is impeccable, each one restored to near perfect condition.

Any owner of a serious pinball operation has to part mechanic, part antiques collector, part vintage restorer, and part museum curator. The owner of Pinball Wizard Sarah St. John fits the bill and has had a lifelong love of pinball. Despite the machines sometimes being work five figures they aren’t kept behind glass, and every single one is meant to be played. “It’s what they’re made for” says owner Sarah St. John.

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Thanks to The Atlas for the story and pics.