August 02

News : Replay FX Intergalactic Pinball Championship : Winner Eric DeStasio


I did not have any info on the standings of this event, but now I do.  Here it is, Saturday’s Replay FX mini tournament called Intergalactic Pinball Championship with the standings of the event.  Eric DeStasio, also known as the Stash Kid won the event with only getting one X in the entire tournament. Congrats Eric on winning the event.  Tune into Eric’s Live Stream called The StashKid13 Pinball Live Stream at the following times listed below along with the link to his stream.  Also check out the final standings of the tournament.  Eric, big shoutout for wearing the Pinball Supernova T-Shirt last night during White Water.  Much appreciated.  Check out the link here .

Monday – 9 P.M.
Tuesday – 9 P.M.
Wednesday – 9 P.M.
Thursday – 9 P.M.
Friday – When avaliable
Sunday Funday – Anything is possible!

Tune in at

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Intergalactic Pinball Championship Standings33