July 27

News : Dr. John Cosson From Australia Shows Off His Game Room and Talks Pinball


ABC Open from Australia has written an article about Dr. John Cosson and his pinball collection.

Dr. John Cosson is one of the leading maxillofacial surgeons on the Gold Coast (for those of you who don’t quite know what that is, removing wisdom teeth is their bread and butter). 

But something his patients might not know is that John is an avid pinball enthusiast. He has turned his garage into an arcade that would make Wreck-it Ralph green with envy.

What started as an interest in a pinball machine won by someone who didn’t care for it, John’s crazy passion has evolved over time and he now owns some of the most sought after machines in the world.

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Thanks to ABC OPEN and Vanessa Hogan for the article and pics.