July 13

News : At Silverball Museum In Delray Beach, You Can Play On Classic Pinball Machines And Enjoy A Beer (Or Two) : Boca Life Magazine

Boca Life Magazine has posted an article about Silverball Museum 2 located in Delray Florida.


Just a few blocks off Atlantic Avenue, Delray kids and parents have found a new spot to play pinball and other classic arcade games.

The children can indulge in a round of skee-ball, while the adults go for a round of beer, but with a nostalgic collection of more than 100 games, it doesn’t take long for parents—and grandparents—to join in on the game play themselves.

Silverball Museum, which opened at the end of May, offers an extensive collection of games spanning the 1940s through the 2000s. As word has spread, the amusement archive has attracted area locals of all ages.

General manager Jonathan Patz, whose father and grandfather were also in the gaming industry, said he’s enjoyed watching the generation that grew up with classic mall arcades come in with their children.

“You figure, now they have kids and they have a chance to show their kids something they did growing up,” he said.

The retro arcade and museum is Silverball’s second location, an expansion upon the original Jersey Shore location on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. Delray appealed to owner Rob Ilvento for two reasons: It’s a coastal city, and it’s where his parents chose to retire.

The New Jersey native first started collecting pinball machines seven years ago after his daughter took a liking to them.

“My daughter was autistic, so she took to a pinball machine more than any other thing I could occupy her time with,” he said. “One led to 20, 20 led to 100…”

His basement collection quickly drew a cult following, and now located on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, it draws thousands of visitors per year, according to Ilvento.

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Thanks to Boca Life Magazine and Lyssa Goldberg for the article and pictures.