July 01

News : An analog pinball cabinet is being transformed into a digital art machine : The Verge


Inside of The Lab at Panorama, the music festival and accompanying art show debuting in New York City next month, there’ll be light projectionsa trippy tunnel of mirrors, and other interactive artworks. There will also be people playing pinball.

That’ll be the doing of Red Paper Heart, a small studio in Brooklyn that’s transforming a 1970s pinball machine into a tool for creating digital art. “Things like pinball get people over the seriousness of artwork,” says Zander Brimijoin, the company’s creative director. “People love pinball, so they instantly have an emotional attachment to it, and we can use that to create this amazing experience.”

Watch the video and the entire article here :

Thanks to the Verge, Jacob Kastrenakes, and Amelia Krales for the article and pictures.