June 29

PINBALL SUPERNOVA SIGHTING : Don From the Pinball Podcast Wearing the Pinball Supernova T-Shirt At Rocky Mountain Pinball Show

Friend to the blog and Pinball Supernova websites, Don from the Pinball Podcast was kind enough to wear the Pinball Supernova t-shirt at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Show.  He also wore the shirt while doing the Pinball Podcast live at RMPS which was covered by Pinball News.  Don thanks for supporting the site as you and Jeff always do. Also, thanks for wearing the shirt.

Click the link below to listen to the Pinball Podcast live from Pinball News :

Click the link below to listen to one of my favorite pinball podcasts, The Pinball
Podcast :



6-29-2016 1-51-38 AM

Thanks to Martin from the Pinball News website for the top picture.