June 29

News : New family-friendly arcade to open in downtown Cheyenne : Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Bob Burnham has opened a new arcade called Flippers Family Arcade where people can go to play pinball and have some beers.  It is great also for families who play pinball and classic arcade games.  The arcade is located on 1617 Capitol Ave in downtown Cheyenne.


CHEYENNE – A family-friendly arcade will open in downtown Cheyenne.

Owner Bob Burnham said Flippers Family Arcade is a place where parents can bring their kids to play pinball machines and video games.

Burnham hopes to open the arcade at 1617 Capitol Ave. by July 4. He’s pleasantly surprised at the interest the business has created among local residents.

People who walk by the arcade often try to look inside, intrigued by the window art that depicts a pair of giant pinball flippers.

“People are stopping right and left; I can’t believe it,” Burnham said. “I think Cheyenne is excited” because there is nothing like this business around, he said.

Burnham plans to have at least 40 pinball machines and more than 50 vintage to new arcade video games, which makes it one of the largest arcades around.

Kids also can play “redemption games” where they put in money and win a prize.

The arcade will serve bottled beer and soft drinks as well as hamburgers, hot dogs.

Burnham is building a waist-high partition to block off the bar area from the arcade. That way, kids can come as the bar will be off-limits to patrons under the age of 21.

 “It will be totally family-friendly. It is not a bar, it is an arcade where you can get a beer,” he said

He plans to specialize in competitive pinball leagues, too.

Burnham, who lives in Loveland, Colorado, has a passion for video and pinball games, especially pinball games.

He has collected 650 to 700 pinball and video game machines. Many times, he’ll buy them broken and will fix them up again to better than new condition.

Burnham and his employees improve the pinball machines they buy. They change out many old lights to the new LED variety and rebuild some machines.

His interest in the games created a livelihood for him and his family as he owns and operates Paradise Pinball and Amusements LLC.

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