June 20

News : Spooky Pinball’s Dominos Pizza Pinball Pictures Released

Spooky Pinball has been developing a Domino’s Pizza pinball machine for about a year now.  When I went to Texas Pinball this year, on display was the cabinet, but the play field was covered.  Yesterday the game was revealed I believe at a food show in Las Vegas.

The pictures were released on Pinside by Adamgacek who has been working with Spooky Pinball in creating the pinball machine.  Check out the Pinside link below and some of the pics posted on Pinside.

Taken from the Pinside Post,  Adamgacek : 

Oh, forgot to mention $5,300 plus shipping. At least $500 will be a donation to Domino’s Partners Foundation (final donation amount will depend on number of games sold as we amortize actual costs across the games sold). You will receive a receipt from the charity for that donation which may be tax deductible for you.

As for the right ramp, it swoops to the back of the oven toy and drops the ball into the scoop from behind. That’s the ball lock shot after O V E N shots are lit.

My favorite shot is the Noid orbit. A smooth and rewarding shot and the ball seems to accelerate out of the orbit back to the flippers.

Pinside Post :

Thanks Adam Gaccek for the pics.