June 18

News : Is the Selfie Pinball League the Future of Arcade Tournament Play? : LA Weekly

LA Weekly has written an article talking about the new craze in pinball, selfies and the selfie pinball league.


Selfies are good for lots of things: to prove you visited a major tourist spot, to capture the moment you met your favorite celebrity or — take it from the Kardashians — to show off your flawless makeup and outfit on a daily basis.

A local barcade has given the selfie yet another purpose: to claim bragging rights and, possibly, a cash prize in a pinball competition.

The Button Mash Pinball League is an epic throwdown between pinball hobbyists and pros that takes place strictly via selfie. Players pay $10 to join the league (the money goes toward the grand prize); then they just have to play, do really well and snap a photo posing triumphantly alongside their highest scores.

“I decided to try a selfie pinball league after reading about the selfie leagues at Modern Pinball in New York and Namco’s Level 257 outside of Chicago,” said Button Mash co-owner and league creator Gabriel Fowlkes in a recent email interview. “The appeal is that, unlike a regular league that requires you to meet once every week for a number of months, the selfie leagues allow players to show up and play whenever they like, so not only are they not constrained by schedule but they also get the excitement of ‘competing’ every time they come in to play.”

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Thanks to the LA Weekly and Eva Recinos for the article and pictures .