June 16

News : Ghost Busters Review and Rules By Bright Lights Bumper City

Bright Lights Bumper City blog has posted an article about Ghost Busters pinball.  Its a great article that explains the rules and also Derek’s (the writer of the post) love of the game.  Awesome article that I wanted to share.


Earlier in the year when there was a leak of the backglass for Stern’s next release, many called it bogus. Too many thought the art was just something drawn up by a fan but… I was ready to believe. I held out hope that we would get a Ghostbusters table, one that is based on the original Ghostbusters. Nothing against the upcoming Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters but I’m a huge fan of the ’84 roster. How much of a fan? Well, I have a limited-run Ghostbusters poster framed in my living room…

A 16-inch Stay Puft toy and a diecast model of a 1959 Cadillac hearse, the very same model as the Ecto-1…

When Stern made the official announcement of Ghostbusters, I jumped clean out of my seat and I think my announcement post makes that quite clear. Stern has been upping the ante lately with their tables and have been turning out many high quality releases. I remember looking at the preview pictures of Ghostbusters and knowing that this table was going to be good, if not one of the best. I posted in the Toronto Pinball Crew to tell the operators in the Crew that we need Ghostbusters in Toronto. Luckily, they heard the call and were right on it! Toronto Coin Exchange was quick in placing aGhostbusters table at local favorite California Sandwiches and City Pinball responded by adding one of their own to the stacked roster at Cabin Fever. Not to be outdone, TCE then went and placed ANOTHER table at Roxy Bar! How lucky we are to have not one, not two but THREE Ghostbusters tables! I have had plenty of time to play the table and so I am excited to present to you my review of Ghostbusters!

I’m just going to get this out of the way right now… I love this table! Ghostbusters is the total package. Great design all around, whether it’s the playfield, art, music, sound, or DMD animations. It was clear how much work went into this table.

This is one of Stern’s most attractive tables to date. The artwork is just so colorful and interesting. There is no section of Ghostbusters that is left untouched; whether it is a ghost, a reference or just a bit of ectoplasm, the artwork leaves no area blank. Even the firehouse toy has a little pinball machine in there and if you look close enough, you can see it’s a “real” table in the form of Stern’s Star Gazer from 1980!

The art of Ghostbusters is by Zombie Yeti, who is no stranger to pinball art design, having worked with John Popadiuk’s now-defunct pinball company Zidware to create the artwork for his table Magic Girl. His art style translates very well to pinball and provides all sorts of eye candy. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the ball and not on the artwork because this table moves fast and even just a second of distraction can end your game!

Ghostbusters is unlike much of Stern’s output and the playfield design feels like they finally let their newest designer, John Trudeau, go full bore on the design. His previous tables felt a bit restrained and somewhat within the standard Stern mold. Mustang did not stand out from the crowd and Wrestlemania tried something different with the wrestling ring gimmick but it just did not work quite well.Ghostbusters on the other hand feels much more like a traditional Trudeau table. There are plenty of interesting and unusual shots as well as ramps that are tight as all get out.

There is not one but two captive ball shots! The right one helps build up the Symmetrical Book Stacking feature and leads to one of several hurry-up modes. The captive ball on the left is a Newton Captive Ball where hitting the trapped ball will cause the balls behind it to launch up and around the U-Turn. Stack 3 together to light the ball lock for Storage Facility Multiball and other assorted awards. This is a great throwback to pinball tables of the past, especially Electro-Mechanicals and early Solid States where Newton captive balls were a big feature.

It’s not a Stern table without a big ol’ bash toy! This time around there is a Slimer toy that you get to knock around!

Read the rest of the article here, worth the read :

Thanks to Bright Lights Bumper City for the article and pictures.