June 01

ColorDMD Announces Sigma Support for Spike


ColorDMD announced on its Facebook page that support for Stern’s Spike system is coming for Sigma.  The Facebook page shows a video for The Game of Thrones with an announcement that a rom is in the works for the Sigma system and is currently in beta testing.  Exciting news for Spike system owners.

Preview Video of ColorDMD with Spike :


This ROM update is currently in beta testing. Contact us if you’d like to participate.

Installation of the ColorDMD in a SPIKE game requires a power converter to generate 12V and 5V. Converters can currently be obtained from Mezel Mods or Pinball Life.

Thanks very much to Dave Timmer for providing the video and support to help make this available.

Installation :


ColorDMD has added support for the SPIKE game platform to the SIGMA (single-color) ROM. The SIGMA ROM is the standard shipping ROM for the ColorDMD and allows custom selection of color and display effect. Multicolor for SPIKE is not supported by this update. The company has not yet determined if/how multicolor for SPIKE will be supported, or whether changes to our hardware platform will be required. Only consider the purchase of a ColorDMD if the currently supported features meet your requirements.

Installation of a ColorDMD in a SPIKE game requires:
(1) a SIGMA-SAM/WS display (or ColorDMD with SAM/WS installation cables)
(2) a clear display shield to replace the red one that ships with the game
(3) a set of hex standoffs to mount to metal Stern speaker panels
(4) a DC/DC converter or other power supply to provide 5V and 12V to the ColorDMD

Items (1)-(3) are available through our store site. The shield and standoffs for mounting are offered as a combined kit on the ACCESSORIES page of our store site.

DC/DC converters for SPIKE games are currently available from Mezel Mods and Pinball Life. Other external power supplies can also be used provided they can support a minimum of 1A on 12V, 250mA on 5V, and share a common ground with the game.

The ColorDMD PWR and AUX connectors are configured as
1 5V (Gray wire)
2 GND (Black wire)
3 12V (Gray/Yellow wire)
Do not cross 5V and 12V or you will damage the 1.2V regulator on the ColorDMD controller and your board will need to be repaired!

Except for the addition of a power converter, installation in a SPIKE game is the same as SAM games with metal speaker panels. Installation instructions for SAM games are available on the SUPPORT page of our website.

The SIGMA colordmd.rom update for SPIKE can be obtained from our firmware support page. This ROM is currently in beta testing. If we make changes to the ROM prior to release, we will post a notice here and on the support page.

After updating the display with the SIGMA colordmd.rom file, enter the display menus and change the MOUNTING setting to SPIKE. Then advance through the menus to SAVE AND EXIT and press one of the middle buttons to select.

If you install a ColorDMD in a SPIKE game, we’d love to see the results. Please post videos here!