May 20

Mod Alert : More Ghost Busters Mods From Mezel Mods

Mezel Mods has a bunch of mods available for Ghost Busters and many more in the making.  Check out below all the mods available now for Ghost Busters.

Order your Ghost Busters and other mods from Mezel Mods :

Storage Facility Illumination- Pro lights up with the Storage facility shot :


Scoop Illumination- always on, green illumination for the scoop hole; great with the green slimer captive balls :


Backboard sky Illumination (coming soon)- Pulsing purple LED for backboard sky above the NY skyline :


Ecto 1 die cast car with Illumination – Pro is now available, premium will be available in June; highly detailed die cast car with flashing siren LEDs on top of car :


Ulek Store Ghost Trap Flipper Bat Toppers :


Upcoming Mods :

Walking Stay Puft :

5-19-2016 9-43-50 PM.jpg


Slime to cover the ‘boom’ box which holds slimer, and key spotlights! This will be realistic looking slime in a fantastic green color!