May 19

MOD ALERT : Ghost Busters Mods : Laseriffic

Laseriffic is offering some great mods for Stern’s Ghost Busters pinball machine.

Buy these mods and everything else from the website.  Joe also makes some great toppers.

Fire Hydrant Mod :

Flying Book Mod :

Fire House Sign :

Slimer Flippers :


Ghost Busters Mirror :

Replace that piece of clear plastic on the backboard at the PKE inserts with our laser cut mirror. This is a direct replacement piece,No rivets. Just remove the old one ( 2 screws ) and pop this in place using the same hardware. Can be done with a angle screw driver but removing the back board is best.

Ghost Buster Back Board Light Kit :

Change the color of the back area to anything you like with our New Backboard lighting kit. This is a RF remote control system with 19 Dynamic modes, 20 Static colors, Adjustable speed and Brightness with 256 Grade PWM.
We use our exclusive 6MM Leds mounted on a a thin sheet of PETG and no sticky tape is used. Installation is very easy and will come with a power tap and cables 20 min tops

Video :