May 18

News : Spooky Pinball : Man quits job, succeeds in pinball-building business : 12 ABC WISN


Charlie and the Spooky team are in the news. Charlie talks about how he quit his job of 21 years and started Spooky Pinball.  The article and video clip talk about the shop and the process of building a game.  My HERO.

Spooky Pinball is one of just three pinball manufacturers in U.S.

BENTON, Wis. —The farm village of Benton, Wisconsin, may be small, but nestled amid the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin is a thriving business that creates fun for people around the world.

And it all started just three years ago by a man looking for a change.

“When I left my old job, I had been there for 21 years, and to use the word ‘terrifying’ would be an understatement,” Charlie Emery, the man behind Spooky Pinball LLC. explained.

Emery transitioned from the printing industry to the pinball industry, and he grew the business to nine full-time employees who design, build and ship machines from a 5,000-square-foot building.

“I like pinball,” said Lucas Kastner, one of Emery’s senior employees. “I’m not good at it, but I like it.”

Kastner said the industry is bouncing back thanks to some dedicated fans. But making the machines isn’t easy. There are a lot of wiring and switches to deal with, and Emery and his crew constantly have to be on their game to avoid potential pitfalls.

Watch the video, Read the entire article clicking the link below :

Thanks to Tim Elliot and ABC 12 WISN for the article.


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